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Sports - High School Quarterback`s Tragic Death Highlights Silent Danger of an Enlarged Spleen

A spleen can become enlarged for many reasons, including genetic diseases, William Katkov, MD, a gastroenterologist at Providence Saint John`s Health Center in Santa Monica, Calif., tells Yahoo Health. Here`s why that`s a problem: A person may feel better and resume their normal activities, but their enlarged spleen is more susceptible to rupturing and may no longer be protected by their ribcage, leaving it incredibly vulnerable to injury. “An enlarged spleen is at an increased risk for rupture or injury in the setting of normal trauma, like a football game, diving into a pool, or minor car accident,” Katkov says. While an enlarged spleen can be asymptomatic, Katkov says a person can feel uncomfortable or have a feeling of fullness in their upper abdomen on the left side.

Sunday, June 25, 2017  11:46


World - In a young country`s conflict, future may pay heavy price

Beatrice was only 11 years old when her parents died within months of each other, leaving four children between 2 and 12. “It was not easy for me to care for them,” Beatrice – whose name has been changed for privacy – says today, 11 years later. The country itself is young, having split from Sudan only in 2011.

Tuesday, June 27, 2017  05:08

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